ORGULYO meaning

10 09 2008

Orgulyo Meaning

Goa, Camarines Sur

Base from my understanding ORGULYO means “To be proud of” example Orgulyo ko si Mayor ta igwa cyang magun n programa sa GOA. Sad to say we dont have a particular to be orgulyo but we have a lots of thig to be proud of.. like as we all know we are the center for commerse in partido area, we hve one university, many high school institution from private to pblic. we hve the Philippine Science High School Bicol region Campus… we have 3 Parish the St.John the Baptist, St. Martin de Porres, and St.Francis Xavier.. and lots more that we dont just appreciate sometimes…

this was written due to the request of one commentaries who read this BLOG…thank you for reading and im hoping for many comments and suggestion to improve this blog site.


Goa Town Fiesta

23 06 2012

My warmest Greetings to all the people of Goa in celebration of our 2012 Town Fiesta June 23-24, 2012. Viva San Juan Bautista!

UPDATES G,CS in search of writters

27 04 2010

UPDATES Goa, Camrines Sur is in search of writer/staffer/blogger/News writer. UPDATES G, CS is a blog intented to write about Goa and to share it around the world especially to those abroad working. UPDATES G, CS is formerly named as Goa News blog first ever blog for Goaenos since 2008. For more details you may contact me me (Kenneth) for more details…

All about the changes, all about GOA

27 04 2010

Updates and changes

The new administration of this blog would like first to apologies for not updating this site for almost 2 years for the reason that I focused on my study. I honestly forgot this obligation I think, of sharing news and updates about Goa. And for those criticism that I received I thanked you. And for those who likes this thou it is just a simple blog. i hope with the help of all interested Goaenos let us make this blog more reliable, more exciting and more informative for Goaenos and most especially for those Goaenos abroad. LET START the change now.

Note: The admin is looking for staffers, writters, journalist and interested blogger to join me in working for a better blog of Goa.

For application please feel free to comment.tnxs


Goa Integrated Central Terminal

15 08 2008

Clear Image of the Terminal


This was taken last June 15, 2008

Photos of the Orgulyo kan Goa 2008

15 08 2008

Photos of the Orgulyo kan Goa 2008

June 23, 2008

Partido College

Panday Street

Pequeño Street

San Isidro Street


Panday Street Entrance

Lapurisima Street

San Jose Street

Partido State University

some pictures may be available next time.

This photo is pasted due to demand of friends from Thailand.

Thank You.

Goa Integrated Central Terminal

23 06 2008

Trial Opening of G.I.C.T.

Goa Integrated Central Terminal

Last Monday June 15, 2008 the GICT  opened. Through the effort of Mayor Antero S. Lim and Sanguniaang Bayan of Goa.